Month: November 2023

Science News

We’re entering the final stretch of another eventful year for data and machine learning professionals. Many of you are making one last push to learn new skills, catch up with recent research, or prepare for your next career move before the holiday season really kicks in in many parts of the world. Our selection of must-reads …

Gadget News

Sam Altman officially returned as CEO of OpenAI Wednesday, bringing back his party which includes Greg Brockman as President, Mira Murati as CTO, and new board members. OpenAI’s co-founder, former chairman, and chief scientist, Ilya Sutskever, is not back yet, and his position at the company is yet to be determined. Read more… Read More

Gadget News

If you want to take your home security seriously, security cameras are for sure a no-brainer when choosing to equip your house. These are really simple devices that are often accessible wirelessly, letting you not only record what’s going on around your property but also see the camera feed in real-time, so you can always …