Lenovo’s got a prototype of a fold-able PC!

They’ve been working on this for 3 years, and it looks quite awesome. X1 Fold-able PC is in a book layout (opens in the middle) and looks stunning. The PC is Expected to come sometime around 2020, with no pricing information available, it’s something to look forward to. More information here



Good day to all! Today I give you a time limited sale on some of the TV Box models I’ve reviewed (and one I still haven’t), so without further ado, here are the models on sale – hurry and get them before they turn back into pumpkins: First is Videostrong’s KI Plus s905 based box …

Playing now, and Upcoming PC games

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Following my spanking new PC build, I’ve installed a few games (which I’ll mention here) and I’m looking forward to a few other games – either released, or on their way. So let’s begin with the few games I’ve already installed and am playing currently: Just Cause 3 – along with the Far Cry franchise, …

My New PC – An upgrade long awaited

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I’ve recently reached my target sum for my big upgrade. After 8 years with the same PC, It was high time to get with the times and push my little piece of tech to the next level. It required replacing (almost) everything inside the PC casing.. since my hardware included a LGA775 socket based motherboard, …

Kodi 17 Krypton.. End for Kodi Android?

Kodi is the software that pushed and even created the TV streamers market. Before it came about, streamers were known as “NMT”s – as in “Networked Media Tanks”. They ran specialized versions of Linux, and only used applications written specifically for them. Their functionality was limited, and their prices were high. Kodi changed all this, …