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Clean your smartphone once and for all with the Star Photon Innovations Titan self-cleaning silicone phone case. It uses photocatalytic processes to reduce the growth and spread of germs on iPhones.

You probably don’t want to think about the microorganisms on your phone. But rest assured, they’re there. Yes, since you use your phone for everything: watching movies, playing games, following recipes, etc., it’s bound to have some germ buildup.

And that’s why sanitizing your phone every day is so important. However, it’s not always easy to remember to wipe it down at night, and you may run out of appropriate tech wipes too quickly. To remedy that, you need a longer-term solution: a case that sanitizes itself, like the Star Photon Innovations Titan.

Star Photon Innovations Titan self-cleaning phone case in action

Clean your iPhone

This self-cleaning silicone phone case actually cleans itself. It happens via nontoxic technology, advanced silicone, and photocatalyst nanoparticles.

Thanks to a mineralization process, the case’s outer material has nanoparticles that quickly and effectively destroy viruses and other microorganisms.

Star Photon Innovations Titan self-cleaning phone case in use

But that’s not this smart case’s only feature. It’s also effective against most organic compounds, which means that even dirty spots disappear when you set this case in the sun. So you don’t even have to scrub stains from this case.

Check out the science on this anti-germ phone case

So how does it all work? The Star Photon Innovations Titan’s surface is based on a photocatalytic process. The photocatalysts are a mixture of nanostructured semiconductors which get dispersed and further activated by different processes.

These processes generate reactive hydroxyl radicals that mineralize when exposed to any light, solar light, or UV-A lamps. The surface then destroys any organic compounds and microorganisms on it.

See how this sanitizing case performs on germs

Want the stats on the Star Photon Innovations Titan‘s performance? The company sent several silicone samples to a lab that conducts tests with live Coronavirus. The lab treated the silicone with both virus and human cells.

Star Photon Innovations Titan self-cleaning phone case in white

According to the company, the results show that the case’s surface can significantly reduce the viral load of Coronavirus in 30 minutes. The tests also demonstrate that silicone disables and mineralizes organic material. Visit the Indiegogo campaign to read more about the lab results.

Use this self-cleaning phone case with your iPhone

Does the Star Photon Innovations Titan fit your phone? The answer is yes if you own an iPhone 13, iPhone 12, or iPhone 11. Available in White, Gray, Navy Blue, and Red/Pink, it also matches your style.

Enjoy a simple design

Love minimalist accessories? Then this self-cleaning silicone phone case is for you. It boasts a simple, non-fussy design made in the USA from 71% US raw materials and 29% OECD country materials.

It also works with wireless chargers since its materials don’t affect the charging process. This way, it is easily integrates into your daily life.

Protect your phone with nontoxic materials

There are many phone-sanitizing gadgets out there, including those with UV-C radiation and heavy metals like silver and copper. Unfortunately, germs tend to regrow after a UV-C treatment, and heavy metals can be toxic to the user.

This self-cleaning silicone phone case, on the other hand, contains no biocides or toxic heavy metals. Its ingredients are inert and activate when exposed to any kind of light.

Safeguard your iPhone from impact

If you take your iPhone anywhere, even from one room to the next, you run the risk of dropping or bumping it. That’s why pretty much everyone needs a smartphone cover.

And while the Star Photon Innovations Titan’s germ-blasting capabilities are pretty cool, it’s not all this smartphone case does. It also offers minor impact resistance.

So it keeps your phone safe from minor drops, bumps, and some rough handling in your backpack. So this self-cleaning silicone phone case isn’t just a 1-trick pony; it’s a case that can keep up with you.

Place this material over any device

Currently, the Star Photon Innovations Titan is only available for iPhones. However, after the campaign’s successful completion, the creators plan to adapt the technology to fit other devices like iPads, other smartphones, tablets, and high-use surfaces.

The company would also like to include cases for the iPhone 14 series, which we’d be excited to see.

See our verdict on the Titan self-cleaning phone cover

In a fast-paced world, caring for our most-used device, the smartphone, is easy to overlook. But it doesn’t have to be. Star Photon Innovations Titan makes smartphone sanitation automatic, safe, and effective. Add it to your EDC to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses this winter.

Preorder the Star Photon Innovations Titan for $40 on Indiegogo. What gadgets/accessories do you rely on to keep germs at bay? Tell us about them in the comment section.

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