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Brighten up your smile in as few as 7 treatments with the Mint GLO405 Teeth Whitening Kit. The set includes 3 WhiteMax Gel Pens, 1 InstantPurple Color Corrector, 1 EnamelBoost Serum Pen, and 1 GLO405 Whitening Light. Providing violet light for effective stain reduction, it also offers red light, which has anti-inflammatory properties that improve gum and oral health. All it requires is 10 minutes a day to lighten your teeth. It does so by up to 3 shades in as few as 7 treatments. Moreover, it gives you effective, safe, and pain-free whitening. Use the GLO405 tray to do violet light therapy for 15 minutes and red light therapy for 10 minutes. The WhiteMax Gel whitens your teeth, and the EnamelBoost Pen offers remineralization and natural repair to strengthen your tooth enamel. Finally, the InstantPurple gel temporarily corrects your tooth color for on-the-go use.

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