Dishonored – PC and Consoles Video Game Preview

Dishonored is a new and coming PC/Consoles/Video game.

The best way to describe it is Thief meets Deus Ex meets Skyrim.

You are playing Corvo Attano, the  legendary bodyguard to the Empress who is framed for her murder and forced to become an assassin to seek revenge on those who conspired against him, with a few special powers to boot.

The setting is a steam-punk city that looks like London in the 1700-1800 but has (whale) oil-operated technology. It makes for some majestic visuals and a dark atmosphere, though the graphics are not as great as some of the AAA games you can see these days. Animation and graphics in Dishonored are more dark-fairytale-like rather than realistic.

A part of what makes the game’s atmosphere so dark is the amount of rats that can be found in the city. They pose a real danger and can also be used as a weapon at times.

Dishonored is getting the voices of some big names, including  Susan SarandonBrad DourifCarrie Fisher, and Chloë Grace Moretz.

The best power in your arsenal (in my humble opinion) is possession. You’re not only able to possess people, but also other life forms. Fish, dogs, rats.. sadly, it seems that birds cannot be possessed (mostly due to distance and height issues), which I suspect is to avoid an unfair advantage that would render the game too easy.

Along with Possession, Corvo will have the following abilities:

Blink: Corvo can teleport at short distances
Celerity: Increases the movement speed of the character
Dark Vision: Improves Corvo’s vision
Devouring Swarm: Summon an army of rats
Feather: fall from great heights without a problem
Fire: you can set things on fire
Healing: you will heal injuries
Ice: you can freeze things (not time though, that is another ability!)
Double-Jump: Corvo can jump higher
Time Bend: You can stop time for a short while
Windblast: Create a gust of wind

This makes for some amazing new possibilities as you can imagine.

Comparison to Deus Ex is in place as the player can go through the entire game without killing a soul. It will also affect the outcome of side and main missions as well as the ending of the game.

The music in the game contributes to the game atmosphere greatly, and I could find influence from other games such as Thief, and even the TV show “Dexter”. The game is adventure-stealth-firstperson and juggles all these titles in a beautiful way.

Here is a sample:

The Drunken Whaler

The game is expected to be short to complete, at about 28 hours. However, this does not include all the possible paths and attitudes you can take.

Here you can take a detailed animated look at Corvo’s mask. (takes a while to load so be patient)

Here or Here you can find some PC and Iphone wallpapers from the game.

And here are screensavers for PC and Mac.

I hope you enjoyed this little preview I assembled. Please comment/like/tweet at the post top or bottom so more visitors will enjoy it.

Wait for this game to come out on October 9th, that’s in five days from now. It’s going to be Epic!



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