Tablets – Ipad, Android, Blackberry Playbook, HP Touchpad

Tablets are the direction is going towards these days. From the one that started this madness:

One of the most common Tablets that ignited the Tablet revolution is Apple’s Ipad

Through the never ending flavours of the Android family of tablets, which come in many sizes and colors:

Android Tablets came out following the Ipad and captured a large chunk of the market

Through small companies attempt at grabbing a chunk of the pie:

RIM came out with this tablet, running it’s blackberry OS, but did not encounter much success. More like failure.

And some that gain market success by dropping prices under the point of making any kind of profit:

HP’s attempt at tablets with the touchpad, met with total failure, till they dropped to price to 200$. Most of the units were snatched immediately.

They all saw the success of Apple, and understood where the wind is blowing to.

Small, handheld, portable, and with longer battery life than laptops or even ultrabooks, Tablets are the next step in PC evolution. Some say the final step. (maybe before turning computers into wearable items)

I think they are nice tools to have, but they’re still not half as usable as desktops or even laptops. I added a keyboard to my tablet, but that didn’t make it a laptop. the size is very comfortable for carrying around, playing games, reading ebooks, or watching the occasional movie, but as a work tool it lacks. Lacks power, lacks sturdiness, and mostly still feels like an expensive electronic toy.

I’m not saying it won’t get there, it probably will. It’s just not there yet.


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