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Gain even more insights into your overall health with the Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatch. This gorgeous watch has an always-on display with incredibly narrow borders that bring the display as close to the edge as possible. Moreover, this smartwatch is incredibly durable with a swimproof, dustproof, and crack-resistant construction. Choose from a variety of new faces, including Lunar, Astronomy, Metropolitan, and Modular. Designed to motivate you to stay fit, it also offers safety features like fall detection, emergency SOS, and medical ID. And, taking health tracking beyond sleep tracking, cycle tracking, and mindfulness, it offers more women’s health features than previous models. In fact, it now offers a retrospective ovulation estimate thanks to its 2-sensor design: 1 under the display and another on the back near your skin. Finally, it offers a new safety feature, Crash Detection, getting you help in a car crash.

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