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Make sure your wearable gadgets can handle your adventurous lifestyle when the Apple Watch Ultra is one of them. This endurance smartwatch pushes the boundaries with its WR100 water-resistance rating, which is twice that of the Series 8. Moreover, its rugged, yet miraculously lightweight 49 mm titanium case works alongside durable glass to keep its tech safe inside. Not only that, but it also boasts multiday battery life up to 60 hours so it can handle your days’ long backpacking trips. Able to handle temperatures below 0ºF and as high as 130ºF, it won’t stop you when you’re on the go. Furthermore, its redesigned digital crown works with gloves, and it has cellular capability. With multi-band GPS using the L5 frequency, its Action button lets you transition from 1 leg of a triathlon to the next. Finally, its 86 dB siren helps others locate you.

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