The Leap to 3d gesture control

First review/preview post is about this amazing new device called “Leap” or “The Leap”

It’s a small rectangular box which holds several sensors inside, connects to your PC/MAC/Laptop/Tablet via USB and allows you very fine control at your fingertips.

Remember “Minority Report“? It’s the same concept, fine-tuned. How fine? Have a look at this photo:

 The company goes as far as saying it will replace the mouse and keyboard in the future. I seriously doubt that as it will require a person to keep his/her arms up for prolonged periods of time, and people are lazy. I wouldn’t want to resort to this kind of control myself unless it’s for a specific purpose, such as 3d design, gameplay and such.

I have been following the development of this device for a few months now. Unlike many “vaporware” projects out there, this one seems real and is gathering big support. Their SDK is open to developers and they are collecting applications which will be distributed through their own app store, allowing people to use the controller in new and exciting ways.

As it’s small (Ipod size), very precise (contains a camera at 240fps as well as other sensors to reach a level of accuracy that is (according to the company’s claims) 200 times more accurate than existing technology (Kinect anyone?), and most importantly, it costs only 70 USD at pre-order (expected to be shipped by February-March 2013), There seems to be a very bright future for this gadget.

thanks to engadget for the photo

However, I would only get it as a secondary input device.

Let me know what you think?


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