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Following my spanking new PC build, I’ve installed a few games (which I’ll mention here) and I’m looking forward to a few other games – either released, or on their way.

So let’s begin with the few games I’ve already installed and am playing currently:

  1. just cause 3,pc,game,article,games,I play,fun,technology,open world,adventure,shooter,third personJust Cause 3
    – along with the Far Cry franchise, this is one of the best (in my opinion) open world shooters out there. The main plot and story line matters less than the ability to grapple, take over cars, motorcycles, helicopters, tanks, planes and Mechs (among others), and shoot nuclear missiles.. but for the sake of plot lovers everywhere: you are Rico, a spanky Latin rebel with a knack for trouble and blowing stuff up. you’ve returned to your homeland to find it taken over by an evil dictator – AKA di-ravello. Your task, should you choose to accept it (and you will), is to destabilize the dictatorship and lead the rebels to an all-out win over the evil forces. Along the way an evil AI comes into play, futuristic floating bases in the sky, drones and many other goodies. But the gist is: go around, follow the plot missions – or just take side missions, or just blow things up – it’s all up to you!

  2. no mans sky,pc,game,article,review,upcoming,current,playingNo Man’s Sky – One of the most anticipated indie space exploration games in the last year.. Some would say it turned out to be a failure – due to hyper intensified hype, and a slew of bugs that hindered the launch of the game. I say: nah. It’s a really fun game, with its own rhythm, and concentrates more on exploration, gathering and RPG elements than on space flying and dog fights. It’s always a matter of opinion, and with a game so hugely anticipated, there were bound to be many people who got disappointed when the actual game did not align with the imaginary version they saw in their mind..

  3. star citizen,roberts industries,games,upcoming,playing,review,articleStar Citizen
    – Talking about space exploration, this is by far the biggest project in the field, and it’s a monster that just keeps on growing. It begun as a crowdfunding affair, but since gathered over 100 million dollars, and it’s a marvel of modern graphics and computing prowess. With the necessary comment that it’s still work-in-progress, and does not have all the parts working. But what you can already see are huge hangars, your ship, other ships, some dog fighting, and all rendered in amazing detail.
  4. tom clancy,the division,game,pc,ubisoft,multiplayer,article,reviewTom Clancy’s The Division – I got this game with one of the video cards I acquired in the past. It is a post-apocalyptic type of exploration game, built on a multiplayer base. The little that I played proved to be a fun strategic shooter with co-op elements. But.. it has plenty of technical issues, mostly relating to the game servers and the such. Thankfully, it seems that a late coming patch resolved most of these issues, and gameplay is possible and impressive. The graphics details as well as the game mechanics seems to be top notch.deus ex,mankind divided,pc,game,article,review,upcoming,current,playing
  5. Deus Ex – Mankind Divided. Not exactly a new comer, but one that I’m getting excited about. the Deus Ex franchise is quite complex and interesting. With moral choices, game mechanics and graphics to match, this is a strong game.

These are the games I’m currently playing, although there are few others I’m thinking of installing.. though I won’t have time to do much with them. Now, let’s move on to some of the intriguing games which are expected to arrive and I would definitely like to have a try with:

  1. dishonored 2,pc,game,article,review,upcoming,current,playingDishonored 2. The first was an amazing combination of “Thief” (another awesome series) and other stealthy titles, but brought a fresh angle and some magic into the mix along with some heavy moral dilemmas – if you have moral dilemmas in video games..
  2. battlefield 1,pc,game,article,review,upcoming,current,playingBattlefield 1. Another in the series of massive war games. This time it’s world war I and brings lots of guts and some glory into the mix.. along with horses, hand grenades and other fun things.
  3. watch_dogs 2,pc,game,article,review,upcoming,current,playingWatch Dogs 2. I loved the first game, with it’s techno-hacker vibe and the take they had on a GTA-like open world. So the new one can only improve on it, or so I hope. It seems to build on the foundation the first one brought, and add on some tech updates, such as drones..


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