*Update* Star Citizen: Squadron 42

Moving right along

 So, where were we?

Oh right, the biggest living breathing crowd-funded space simulation the world has ever seen, is well on it’s way to becoming very real.

The original intention was to raise between 2-4 million dollars in order to complete the development and release around the end of 2014.

Well, things have definitely picked up. Due to some overload on the project crowd-funding website servers, Chris Roberts opened a parallel page on the ever loved Kickstarter website.

If you count both collection boxes together (which you really should, they both work for the same cause) – the amount collected so far has whizzed through 2 Million, and is still picking up, as there are about 3 weeks left till the funding collection ends.

Also, several stretch goals were set on the Kickstarter page. Stretch goals are set once the initial target sum is met, and allows the developers to do more than they intended. So, at 750,000 (on the kickstarter page alone) we’ll be getting a repair robot for each of the pledgers. Super cool.. less need to worry about those pesky battle damage holes in your hull. Right now they sit at 727,571  so not much to go.

Next goal will be at 1,000,000 – a new ship class called the “Corvette”, will be the largest playable ship in the fleet of ships. Also, extra 500 credits for each of the pledgers. Sounds good to me!

Roberts is also giving interviews, where he explains about Star Citizen universe and the situation where a part of it is under constant war for planetary conquest as humanity over-reached its extent to such far reaches of the galaxy, that it is competing for resource planets on some areas. While in other areas, peace is prevalent and trade is booming. He compared it to the fall period of the Roman empire and how europe was created as a group of smaller countries. He talks about the benefits of being a lawful citizen, enjoying the protection of the empire in contrast to being outside of the law, and having advantages in that as well. (Firefly anyone?)

Peripherals support is expected to be quite robust, included many types of gamepads, joystick, flight sticks, and even more exotic devices such as the Leap I mentioned here – as long as the team will be able to get to it.

The sheer size of it!

The SC universe, according to Roberts, is pretty complex and has a lot of real-world rules such as (for instance) taxes on empire controlled planets (such as earth) to finance the safe environment protection and services provided on it, and no taxes on frontier planets, meaning you can be ambushed and mugged or worse, but also can do such things yourself.

It’s shaping up to be an amazing game!


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