James Bond: Skyfall

Daniel Craig is coming back as the pouty James Bond.

Some say that he’s one of the best Bonds so far. I don’t.

He’s not bad, and definitely very athletic as required for this role (even if you have stunt doubles), but he lacks in a lot of soul and charm. He looks more like a granite slab then a witty spy.

Not to say that I dislike his Bond, it’s just not one of my favorites.

Also, It seems that the studios are planning to do the next two Bond movies as two parts of the same stories, which may lead to a cliff hanger in the first part..

I don’t like that much. It smells like a way for MGM to make more money as was done in the Twilight saga, and also in the last Harry Potter films. Plus, there may be a year of waiting between parts which will suck even worse. I rather have a nicely round and closed story. Also, I believe it’s a part of the separation from the original Ian Fleming books, which was bound to happen sooner or later. I doubt it will improve the series.

The theme sounds good though, and choosing Adele for it was a great choice, as she has the musical gamut that is required for a good Bond theme performance.

It is coming out here (in Singapore) on November 1st, which will allow me to watch it on my Birthday month!

All I saw of Skyfall was the trailer, as I usually try to keep myself in the dark as much as possible so my viewing will stay fresh, and I’ll enjoy it fully.

I do know that Javier Bardem in a rather crappy looking bleached blonde hair is the villain in this installment. I’m sure he’ll do a good job even if this hair makes him look like a runaway hair stylist.

Also, a lot was said about the product placement in this movie. It isn’t really much different than all the previous Bond movies. Product placement and sponsoring was always big and flashy. This time, Heineken is footing a 45 million $ bill and Bond will be drinking lots of beer… the blasphemy!

Last but not least, this is the first movie since the reboot of the Bond franchise to show Q (or the Quarter master, as revealed is the full title) – portrayed by the young Ben Whishaw. Yes, I haven’t heard of him before either (and he has very big shoes to fill) but he does appear to have some nice track record, in both theatre and film.

I hope we all enjoy this one.


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