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Physical Bitcoins – they contain code for wallets containing real bitcoins

Bitcoin is rising again, this time circling the 700$ USD figure.

More and more people find the digital currency increasingly interesting as it becomes more widely discussed in the popular media.

But how do you get some? You can buy some from online merchants by searching “bitcoin”, “buy”, “sell”, and the currency of the country where you reside to find local online merchants.

Other options are bitcoin faucets which existed almost as long as bitcoin, but due to the rising value offer very small fragments of the coin now. A couple of sites offer a collection of the faucets that you can visit every hour or every few hours:

Land of Bitcoin


Another way to get bitcoins is by mining, however, the level of difficulty became so high that even high-end display cards don’t “cut it” any more. To get a decent rate of bitcoin mining you will need a dedicated bitcoin miner based on a specially designed CPU. But you can get (very) small amounts of bitcoin by using your browser at websites such as this:


A list of such and other options of getting free coin can be found here:


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