Happy New Year!!!

Instead of summing up the past year, I’ll give you a few of the upcoming gadgets – shamelessly lifted off from other websites to save time.

Flexible Phones (or just curved?)

It’s nice, but not really what we’re waiting for

We’ve seen the Samsung Round and the LG G Flex making promises this last year, and delivering in a small way. All those teasers made me think of a phone that you can actually fold up and put in your pocket. We’re not there just yet. These two models will become more available this year, and during it, the smartphone giants (probably accompanied by others in this race) will buzz away with flexible batteries and whatnot, to bring the real flexible (and fold-able) smartphone that much closer to a reality.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Wait, don’t we have that with smartphones that can multitask already?

Remember just a few years back when you could get away with just adding “i” or “smart” in front of your gadget name to give it that extra oomph and marketing buzz? well, it’s gone. No more.

But just in case, this smart pen (available in several versions with different features and storage space) connects to your smartphone or PC via micro-usb or wireless (more expensive models) – and allows you to write memos on paper while recording audio notes.

I guess they figured we must have something else to hold aside from the smartphone, and the battery, and the wallet, bag, and so on. Oh, and we can do all this today on most smartphones already.

Meta SpaceGlasses

Now that’s cool!

Last but definitely not least: Meta Spaceglasses. These are true to their name space-age Augmented reality glasses. They don’t look like much, but the premise of manipulating virtual objects and controlling a virtual reality using mid-air gestures (not unlike the Leapmotion I reviewed a few months back) is thrilling and takes us another step closer to the future we were promised in countless sci-fi films (Minority Report, anyone?). Pricing for pre-orders is either 667 USD for a developer bulky version or 2985 USD (Wow!!) for a slick Pro version. Both are only expected to ship around July of this brand new year. Early Adopters – Meta is calling for you!

So have a great 2014 and enjoy what this year brings to you! It seems to hold quite a few surprises in store!


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