Wolfenstein – Old Blood – PC Game Mini-Review


Old Blood is a (short) prequel to the newest iteration of the renowned “Castle Wolfenstein” which started as a ground-breaking (for that era) 3d (like) first person shooter.

The game, like all of its predecessors is a shooter with a (not bad) plot, but lacking the freedom of modern open-world-sandbox sort of games.

I like to call this sub-genre “on-the-rail games”, as in, you can only stay on the predetermined path and not divert. Sure, you can explore the district/area, walk back some of the way, but all in all, it’s a closed circuit and you’re not supposed to wander off the designated path.

It definitely holds less appeal (to me) , but has its advantages. One being that as the game world is less demanding, the developers can focus more on technical aspects such as graphics, motion, and other such tidbits.

I found some boss scenes to be a little too harsh. I actually used cheat codes to pass one of them, after trying for about 10-12 times with no success.

I played this prequel, and followed with “Wolfenstein: The New Order” to get it chronologically right. The time difference between the two definitely shows as the shorter prequel is more devoid of issues and looks somewhat better.

The visuals are quite good, as mentioned. Especially if you can afford the hardware to crank it up to “Ultra”.

The plot doesn’t matter much, but in a nutshell: You are in search of a secret folder, and in the process gets captured, escapes, kills truckloads of nazis, finds the nazis plans involving the supernatural, and naturally defeats them all and wins. (at a great personal price, as always)

If you like the first person shooter games where you are NOT in an open world, and with an emphasis on shooting and simple puzzles rather than stealth and strategy, you’ll love this stand-alone expansion/game.

I give it: 3/5 Stars.


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