[3-Piece] Microsoft Windows 10 Release, S6 Price cut, Angry Birds 2

This is a new and (hopefully) recurring type of article, named aptly “3-Piece” as it will have 3 pieces of tech related news. Aside from the news themselves, I will try and add some useful and helpful tidbits as well. So here goes:


Windows 10 is here!

Microsoft officially released their latest and greatest (thus far) Operating system. In a repeated attempt to give better cohesion to it’s software ecosphere, the new Windows 10 will offer cross platform synchronicity, as well as the return of the long lost start menu. Microsoft is also offering limited time free upgrades for Windows 7/8/8.1 users in an attempt to lure more users to move to the new iteration. Will this be enough to turn Windows 10 into a success story, or will it be another windows 8 fiasco? So far the reviews of the new system are pretty good, but.. why fix it when it’s ain’t broken? Windows 7 was and is a known good product, and Windows 10 does not offer any real advantages over it, aside for things like DirectX 12 and the new Edge browser. But are they enough? I have already installed Windows 10 on one of my PCs, and although it’s performing adequately I could already find issues related to the new browser, as well as the HEVC video codec support which supposedly comes built-in out of the box, but failed to show any picture once attempted.

Here are a few things that will help the early adopters of the final version:


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Seems like Samsung did not do as well as it was hoping this year, in the wake of the new fangled S6 and S6 Edge release, The giant south Korean corporation experienced some unfortunate delay and lack of components for the manufacturing of the curvy Edge version of their new flagship smartphone, and the numbers cannot lie – the profits are way below what the bigheads planned for and anticipated. In fact, the only big revenue Samsung seen was from their chip manufacturing branch and that was due to the manufacturing deal signed with their arch-nemesis – Apple – for their new and successful phone. It is kind of an ironic twist that the first Samsung model which takes the most after Apple’s designs and methods, with a unibody style, use of aluminium and glass, and the lack of both memory expansion slot or the ability to replace the battery, fails to outsell it’s main rival. In the wake of these reports, Samsung is set to take some drastic measures in the form of a price cut of the brand new flagship phone. In fact, they already did so with the South Korean KT telco cutting the S6 and S6 Edge prices by about 100 USD, with a possible domino effect to follow globally.


Angry Birds 2 - what about the pigs?

Angry Birds are back! Even though it’s named “Angry Birds 2“, the new installment is actually the 13th game in the series – if you count all the expansions and franchised versions that Rovio, Angry birds developers came up with. Yes, it’s generally more of the same bird at pigs flinging action, but the new game contains multi stage levels as well as Boss fights and spells (?!). Here’s a Video clip:
Angry Birds 2 Android download Angry Birds 2 Apple download



I hope you enjoyed this first 3-Piece! See you on the next article!


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