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Softbank human-like Personal Robot

We knew this day was coming, the sci-fi film and literature industries have taught us well: A Japanese corporation called “Softbank” announced that it will begin sale of personal robots by February 2015. These personal robots are meant to be used as baby sitters (or maybe monitors?), nurses , emergency medical workers and even party companions (“This is Rob, my party companion”) .

Woven carbon fibre

What if your new electric car’s battery was actually the car’s body? That’s what the KTH institute of technology in Sweden is working on. The smart guys there are working on using carbon fibre as the electrodes of the battery and in this way reduce the weight of the battery (and the car itself) considerably. However.. and even though carbon fibre got great tensile strength, I would be worried about what might happens in a case of a crash or collision..

Muscle memory is awesome!

Wearable computing almost automatically brings to mind Google glass, or the slew of android watches starring on the covers of magazines and gadget news sites. But this glove is actually useful! It is claimed that it can teach you how to play music, by using 5 small built-in motors to invoke muscle memory in your hand. Within two hours, the writer of the article was able to play Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, and that is truly amazing for someone who never took piano lessons.

Bitcoin is the next big thing?

Is bitcoin coming to ebay (and Paypal as a result)? According to the CEO of ebay, the answer is a resounding “Yes” and pretty soon by the looks of it. That may be the breakthrough the digital currency is waiting for, that will shut the lead on all the Ponzi accusers – when Bitcoin will be accepted as currency for the customers of the online auction giant. We shall wait and see, but for now at least we know that ebay’s CEO is actually holding some bitcoin 🙂


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