The Sims 4 Release – Is it what we wanted?

The Sims 4The fourth installment in the people management game, “The Sims”, Is bound to hit the shelves of physical stores over the next few days. But Is it really any improvement over the previous version?

We learned to expect new features, new possibilities and new reasons to get excited about the Sims franchise with each new reiteration of the game.

But is the fourth version any more than a new layer of spit and polish on an old idea?

Well the mechanics have improved. Your sim now have the ability to multi-task – for instance, watch TV while playing a game on his cell phone, or talking to multiple people at once.



The “Create-a-Sim” screen offers more customization options to allow you to mold your character in a more refined way – including new facial features, more clothes and more accessories than before.

The Build mode adds the possibility of adding whole rooms (from scratch or pre-made with furniture) to an existing house with ease, as well as customizing them.

The Sims 4 Build Mode

For the really lazy sim fans, or maybe those who just not interested in doing any building, there’s the new option of choosing already-built lots which come complete with rooms, furniture and even shrubs and gardens pre-attached!

The Sims 4 Building

But there are some already-known issues with this new fangled Sims game.. the pools and toddlers issue. That is, it’s not possible to add pools to the game, nor is the toddler’s phase of a sim growth included. The fans got mad at this as it’s an obvious downgrade from Sims 3 (or even previous versions of Sims), as well as a possible grab by the producers to use this opportunity to make more money in the future by adding these options in an expansion pack (or two).

So, is it worth buying? For devoted Sims fans, the answer is definitely yes. The graphics are polished, the new features are awesome, and the shortcomings will be addressed in the future – quite surely. For the rest of us, it’s a question of if we played any game in this series before, and if we liked it or not. If you did, this new version might appeal to you.

But if you didn’t, this version won’t make enough of a difference as to change your mind.


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