HYIP dry/crash season


As you may know, I’ve been doubling with HYIP Websites for the last few months.

Just as the name implies, these are risky programs and are close neighbors (for the most if not the whole part) of the Ponzi Scheme.

And, as it turns out, the summer months (June-July-August) are the dry and riskiest season to invest in these programs. It may be the heat, or that people go on vacations, or maybe they’ve got enough interest or losses from previous investments.

In any case, people tend to lower their activities over these months, and as a direct result – even though the number of new hyip websites does not decrease much, the number of scams (sites that closed and whose administrators ran away with the money collected) and very short lived programs shoots up.

Some recent examples: Terra-elegance, ForexGHQ, and Zippfy were all quite successful while running but chose to close down after a relatively short run. These are the bigger ones and those that were run by experienced administrators.

So how can you keep safe in these treacherous waters? I got a guide for that and you’re getting it for Free! Enjoy it, and feel free to spread it around, as long as the content is left unchanged. Thanks:

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